Memories for a Lifetime

Exploring life, one pitch at a time, capturing moments and memories that transcend time and space.

Our Core Values

Why We Shine

Welcome to Worthington Kilbourne Softball, where every pitch, hit, and catch is a step toward excellence. Weʼre more than a team; weʼre a family that values growth, unity, and passion.

On our field, high school girls transform into confident athletes. We foster a supportive environment where every player learns to trust in their skills, embrace teamwork, and celebrate every victory, big or small. Join us and be part of something amazing!

Team Building

We coach each girl to master softball skills, building confidence through practice and play.

Empower Our Players

Fostering Strength & Unity

At Worthington Kilbourne Softball, our mission is to empower each player to reach her full potential. Weʼre dedicated to nurturing not just the athlete, but the individual. Through our sport, we teach resilience, teamwork, and the joy of competition in a supportive community. Join us and unlock your power!

Every practice, every game is a chance to grow stronger and shine brighter. We strive to instill a love for the game while building life skills that extend beyond the diamond. Be bold, be brave, be a Kilbourne Softball player. Your journey starts here!